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Patient Room

A trip to the hospital is not the kind of trip any of us want to take, especially right now, but it is something that can happen anytime either for an operation or a sudden emergency. Even if you have medical insurance, there are usually some sort of out of pocket expenses you will experience, either a deductible, copay or coinsurance. Some may have very little to pay at the hospital but may have higher medications, new medical equipment needed, or help paying for lodging or travel depending on where your care is received and if family is staying near to help out. All these expenses can be taken care of or lessened by selecting a Hospital Indemnity plan. The plan can be designed to your specific needs and budget, and the money paid by the plan is sent directly to you to be used as you see fit. A Hospital Indemnity plan acts as supplemental coverage to your existing health insurance. Let us help you fill the gaps of Medicare and your current coverage. Give us a call…

What is a Hospital Indemnity Plan?

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