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Major Medical or Medicare does not cover Convalescent or Recovery Care. Usually additional coverage is needed if you need these services.  One of the largest financial burdens that our agency has seen our clients endure is the need for Short term or Long term care at home or a nursing facility. Once you are unable to progress and improve, Medicare will not cover care in a nursing home or help in the home doing things that become too difficult or unsafe on your own. That type of care is considered Custodial care which is non-medical and helps people with their activities of daily living such as eating and bathing and much more. You can purchase a plan either for Long Term Care or Short term care to help fill that gap that isn’t covered by medicare, your medicare supplement, or medicare advantage plan. Give us a call or send us a message to request a quote for what you would like, we can work with your budget to get you something to help. 


What is Short/Long Term Care?

Nursing Home


Long Term Care coverage is there to help with the costs associated with the medical and non-medical needs of Assisted Living, home healthcare, or nursing home care. Long Term Care is usually needed for over a long period of time. 


Like Long -Term Care Insurance, short-term policies typically cover home care, assisted living and nursing homes. Short Term, however provides benefits for a shorter period of time. 

Physical Therapy Session
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